3/28 Tuesday

📢Storypal is kicking off in 2023 in Korea. It is a great time to join and connect with Korean students and teachers 🙂 Book your first meeting with us now!

👋On the Tuesday happy hour, we had a new student from Slovenia and two teachers from Israel and New York. Thank you for a great discussion Yael, Jeff, and Zala! Learn more about EasyTalk mentioned during the meeting at https://www.easytalkschool.com/index

🎉 Congratulations on the guardian collaboration between Jeff and Anastasiya! Learn more about Anastasyia’s project at https://www.dreamway-social.com


3/25 Saturday

Featuring Eleny who is jam-packed with insights and ideas to make Storypal better work for teachers. Thank you!! We will digest this!!

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