10,000 Cross-cultural Postcards Project

Become a Cross-cultural Postcard Designer!


10,000 Cross-cultural Postcard Design Project


Project Description:

Your art piece will be showcased and made available as a virtual postcard to international peers participating in letter exchanges on an educational international exchange platform, Storypal. 

Help the Storypal community reach 10,000 cross-cultural postcards with real and authentic stories of the students in this ChatGPT era 😉

Don’t miss out on the chance to share your story and contribute to broadening the cross-cultural understanding of thousands of peers!


Impact your postcard will be making:

Your creative work will help inspire other international students to have better conversations and make the letter exchange more meaningful, colorful,  and fun.  


Who can join?

Students age 12 to 18


Benefits of participating in this project:

  •  Artistic and cultural expression
  • Help international peers  better understand another person’s perspective
  • Practice English writing with art and culture!
  • Track in which countries your postcard is popular (does not require a verified Storypal account).
  • Storypal in-app rewards (Create an account to receive in-app rewards)..
  • Your art may become physical postcard and/or goods curated by Storypal.


Step 1) Select a topic


Topic Option 1: YouTopic 2: Cross-cultural understanding
This is an art piece where the topic is you. Express yourself, and help others understand you better. What is something about your culture you want to share with the world? 

Step 2) Brainstorm theme & how you want to create your art

Any type of art is acceptable, but the final submission must be a JPEG or PNG file.


Step 3) Write a paragraph about your art in English


Step 4) Submit your content when the submission pool opens*!

                 The submission link will be open from 10-10 to 11-11-2023.

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Legal Terms:

By submitting your art piece you are agreeing to donate the intellectual property right to Storypal including the right to generate derivative content and use both original and derivative content for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.