Use Storypal with your students

Guide their exchanges, build a network with like-minded teachers, and make your classroom a global space

Easy Sign-up

After signing up as a Storypal Hub, your students can easily set up their own accounts using an invite code on a computer or mobile device.

Letting students take ownership over their own profile helps them learn to tell their personal story to their new friends all across the world. 

We also have guided videos on how to set up your Storypal account (currently in English and Korean) that your students can use to make the process as seamless as possible.

Penpal Matching that Works

At Storypal, we believe that quality penpal matching is our strength – connecting students that we feel can build a genuine friendship and have a meaningful cultural exchange.

We match students with penpals based on age, interests, and their previous activities on Storypal.

The Lounge - an open space for cultural exchange

Storypal does more than let members exchange messages with their penpal partners. The Storypal Lounge is an open space for cultural exchange between students and teachers all over the world.

Share photos, videos, news articles, and more to spark conversation with your international friends and get their perspectives.

Storypal in the classroom

Storypal isn’t just a tool for your students to use on their own time – the Storypal Lounge can create classroom-to-classroom connections that allow for global collaboration, and cultural exchange.

Make Storypal part of your classroom routine and let your students’ curiosity drive creative collaboration.

Premium Feedback with Storypal Deluxe

Communication advice

Our professional language coaches can help your students keep the conversation going.

Grammar tips

We help students take their writing to the next level by answering their questions and giving advice on how to improve their communication skills.

Self introduction help

Your Storypal profile sets the stage for every new conversation - we help students to write excellent intros to initiate great conversations.

Personalized coaching

Every feedback ticket gets a direct, personalized response from one of our coaches, and gives an opportunity for students to follow up and solidify what they've learned.