Use Storypal with your students for global connections

Guide their international exchanges, build a network with like-minded teachers, and make your classroom a global space

Guardians can easily monitor student activities

Storypal student cards help teachers know whom the students are communicating with and what contents they are exchanging. 

Penpal Matching for Students

With Storypal, teachers and parents don’t have to match or find penpals for their students. Storypal matches students based on the match requests made by students themselves, and teachers and parents can sit back and monitor everything.

Storypal also implemented minimum words and other gamified policies to help students build a genuine friendship and have a meaningful cultural exchange.

Students are matched with penpals based on age, interests, and their previous activities on Storypal.

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Storypal albatrosses have many twins. They all look the same.

The Lounge - an open space for cultural exchange

The Storypal Lounge is an open space for practicing cross-cultural contents sharing and commenting. 

The lounge is designed to empower students to both expand and deepen their inerests, curiosities, and perspectives. Country based curation helps students discover new things while keyword search helps them find members with similar interests.

Guardians can also create lounge contents and use it to lead dialogues and get participation from teachers and students. 

Share questions, photos, videos, drawings, traditional clothes, cultural heritage sites, travel tips, favorite recipes, and more to spark conversation with your international friends and get their perspectives.

Storypal in the classroom

Any subject or teaching methodology can find global dots to connect on Storypal. Global perspectives and awarenesses helps students think bigger, get more curious, collaborative, and motivated to learn.

Get more with Storypal Premium

Let student make direct chat requests

With the direct chat request ability, students can more proactively explore lounge to find friends with similar interests or with something that sparks their curiosities.

Grammar check

Premium student accounts can access the grammar check feature. It allows students to immediately check their writing.

Get prioirty support

Access the storypal office hours to book meetings for priority support.

Get invited to tailored Storypal events

Get invited to monthly tailored Storypal events hosted by Storypal team and partners