Hello! 안녕! Сайн байна уу? ¡Hola! 你好! ሰላም Bonjour! مرحبا Xin chào! こんにちは! Hujambo! Hallå! Shani! Добрий день! Salom!

Storypal is a safe space for international cultural exchange between students

Why Storypal for Students?

1. Discover new friends in a safe educational environment.

2. Get technology-driven support for both expanding and deepening personal interests and curiosities.

3. Improve foreign language skills by using it authentically with real friends.

4. Influence the real world outside the class by showcasing and supporting stories and projects with international friends.

Why Storypal for teachers?

1️. Easily support or assign global projects for students.

2. Easily monitor global communication and engagement of the students.

3. Easily give educational feedback to students on their authentic and self-driven global communication and projects.


Hear from happy teachers

🇰🇷 Ms. Minji Kim

Ms Rahel Allemann

🇨🇭 Ms. Rahel Allemann


🇲🇳 Ms. Ankhiluun Davaa




Global education should be inclusive. Join and build together a safe, fun, and inclusive online community for the students.

Premium Plan





per student/month

Charged annually

Group Special

If you are a district or an organization working with over 100 students and 10 teachers interested in premium plan, or have any special needs, please contact sales.


Free forever

  • Unlimited random matches with friends from different countries
  • Write letters to matched friends
  • Access the lounge, a Storypal community area for cross-cultural content sharing and commenting
  • Get, send, and receive Storypal gift-able items



Free +

  • Self-match requests 
  •  Verification mark*

* Verification mark is available for the teachers and students joining as members of an organization. It requires the organization to submit identification documents and activate the super admin dashboard. Please contact [email protected] for more information. 



Free + Basic +

  • Monthly 1:1 real-time 30-minute coaching

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