[Important] Closing of Storypal Android/iOS Service (Letter from Heehwa)

Dear Storypal members,


Storypal Android and iOS apps will no longer be supported as of October 10, 2023. You can still use Storypal using the website at www.storypal.co. Furthermore, we will soon make it downloadable to your desktop and mobile as a progressive web application (PWA). We will make it function similarly to the native apps without you having to download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

We are working on upgrading the Storypal service to become more sustainable and adaptive to the members’ needs. We have been working with diverse technical frameworks including Ruby on Rails, Flutter, and Node.js. Since June this year, we have been working on migrating existing websites and mobile apps to an integrated progressive web application (PWA). It has been a long journey since 2016 when I started learning how to code without any previous background in IT. Back then, my only goal was to give a shot at the idea of Storypal. I had difficulties learning all other languages except for Ruby. That is why I made the Storypal minimum viable site with Ruby on Rails. The positive side of it was that I was able to achieve what I hoped for, but the downside was hairy spaghetti code and lack of strategic technical architecture at both micro and macro levels.

Sumbal and I always hoped to work with a talented developer with whom we could build the service both technically and conceptually. We are very proud and grateful to say that we do now. It is awesome and precious to be able able to exchange business logic and discuss the values we intend to create with a better technical foundation.

On this note, from the bottom of my heart, I thank the past and current teachers, students, and parents who had been so patient and encouraging regarding the Storypal technical issues. In the new chapter of Storypal community, I hope we blossom more fun international friendship, understanding, collaboration, and growth of the students.